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Daniel A Dearborn

Daniel is a prolific painter who would call his style impressionistic. Inspired by Monet and Van Gogh, Daniel began painting at a very young age. He studied with his mentor in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada. This inspirational man was a master artist and provided the base for what Daniel knows today. Daniel's career path lead him into Retail Management for 35 years. Recently retiring, he now has time to indulge in his passion of creating pieces that fully evoke his artistic senses.


Daniel paints scenes which resonate with people on an emotional level.  He draws on memories of areas that he has explored, connecting on a spiritual level of all the senses. Allowing him to convey a feeling or mood to the canvas.  With every painting, Daniel's styles may vary, yet each piece is a beautiful symphony of colour, texture and emotion. Be it calming and peaceful, or vibrant and lively Daniel's passion and talent for each individual artwork is showcased.

Daniel prefers painting with bright colours because it makes his soul happy! Loving all the brillance that Mother Nature provides for us in all the four seasons. Summer and Fall being stand outs.  The Okanagan Valley is the perfect place for this. With its intense blue skies and water.  Our golden hills with pops of colour from the vast array of wild flowers, grasses and trees which happily take root and thrive in the Valley. 



Daniel has chosen to make Kelowna B.C. his home. The majestic Okanagan Lake, the hills and valleys are all an ideal setting to indulge in all his passions which include hiking, canoeing, wine country touring, and relaxing at the lake.  Being an enthusiastic traveller, Daniel also is able to create stunning images of places he has travelled to and explored. Taking inspiration from wherever he casts his eye, Daniel feels very blessed to be able to share his gift with others.


Daniel Dearborn Arts


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